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‘If you ask me something, I won’t slack off.’

Wouter Voogt

Works at Harvest Digital

Wouter is 27 and lives in Groningen. He went to university for a degree in business administration, but found out that he had other interests careerwise. During CodeGorilla's bootcamp, he discovered that back end development suited him. What attracts him to this is identifying and solving problems efficiently. His languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, MySQL and MongoDB.

Helpful and quick-witted

His work experience can be found in various warehouses, where he learned to work hard as an order picker. He then spent a year delivering meal packages. The customer contact that came with that appealed to him. He is proud he took a leap of faith and discovered that programming challenges him in a healthy way. He has learned a lot in a short time and is always trying to understand what he is doing. That makes him a fast learner and also good at explaining things to others.

Solving problems while learning

Wouter prefers to work in an informal environment, where he has space to grow and learn as a back end developer. If you show Wouter the ropes, chances are he will eventually overtake you. He is eager to learn and wants to solve problems by doing. Once he's done with the bootcamp, he'll expand his portfolio and start applying for jobs. Although his portfolio will probably sell itself!