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‘I aspire to create user friendly websites and webshops.’

Tahani Alhammad

Works at Dealer4Dealer

Tahani Alhammad lives in Groningen and is originally from Iraq, where she was a computer engineer. Her work there consisted mainly of research into network devices, among other things, but now she knows that she wants to go in the direction of front end development. Although that’s her passion, she is also interested in the back end side of programming. She describes her CodeGorilla adventure as one of the coolest things she has ever done. Her languages: HTML5/CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, JS, NodeJS, Express, EJS, JSON, Mongoose, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL and Laravel.

A fast learner

Tahani learns new things quickly, but doesn't stop until she is truly satisfied. She is a go-getter and adapts easily. The fact that she came to the Netherlands from Iraq six years ago and set herself the goal of working as a front end developer, exemplifies this. With her sense of responsibility and eye for user-friendliness, she stands out from other developers. She taught herself all kinds of skills and applied them while volunteering for the Femina foundation. At CodeGorilla she proudly expanded her knowledge and technique.

A versatile creative

A programmer who can do both: ideal! With the knowledge and skills of several programming languages, and with an eye for what is beautiful and user friendly, Tahani is a multi-talented programmer. She also has experience working in Github and Linux. Although she prefers a role as front end developer, she wants to keep brushing up on her back end skills.