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'I want to get better and better and never stop learning.'

Ruud Hermans

Works at Harvest Digital

Ruud is 36 and graduated from the University of Groningen in 2020. From the moment he started the bootcamp, he knew: he was gonna be a back end developer. Although his background is in history, programming always interested him. He has some experience as a web developer. His languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel and NodeJS.

A practical analyst

Perhaps the perfect match: an analytical and practical person. During his studies he learned to think analytically, but when he started working for a small IT company as an all-round employee, his practical go-getter mentality was put to the test. This went well for him. He did everything from web design to administrative support and from customer contact to assisting with company organization.

Not giving up

Although he did not have an easy time attending college, he managed to successfully complete his studies. That shows his perseverance and determination. Combined with characteristics such as being eager to learn and open to a challenge, this makes him an IT professional with enormous potential. Solving puzzles, thinking and finding the best answer makes him happy and keeps him focused. This does not mean that he prefers to operate on his own: he knows how to explain things well and sees the added value and pleasure of working together.