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‘Work is such an important part of participating in society.'

Rik Sijm

Business partner

Rik has been living in Groningen for quite a while, but originally he comes from the province of Noord-Holland. He’s a father of three daughters and co-founded Buro Bries in 2014, a bureau for social impact. He wanted to carry out this social drive in more than one company, so he started his own investment company.

Rik is at CodeGorilla one day a week. On that day, he works on management and growth issues. That’s what he does best, but he also likes that strategic mindset. Especially when it enables him to give people the opportunity to transcend themselves, when that opportunity doesn’t come naturally. He likes to think about how the company can reach out to them and make the impossible possible. ‘Work is such an important part of participating in society. Having it or lacking it can be the difference between a happy and an unhappy person.’