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'Programming is the perfect combination of logic and creativity.'

Melvin Boelens

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Melvin Boelens is 27 and lives in Groningen. Already as a child he realized that there were more questions than answers. He is a curious and inquisitive person and with a background as a microbiology lab technician and PhD assistant in biotechnology, it is not surprising that every now and then he marvels at the surprises the earth has to offer. His languages: HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

From lab to code

Although science interested him, Melvin didn't see himself being happy in this sector. What really makes him happy is creative pursuit. For years he played as a guitarist and singer in a rock band. In programming, he found the perfect way to express his creativity, but also to get the most out of it technically. Because his study was much about processes, he recognizes them in his work. It enables him to see the big picture and think in terms of solutions. He sees problems as challenges, which he enjoys tackling.

An innovative connector

Melvin is a thinker and a doer. Being assertive prevents him from analyzing endlessly. It also helps him asking for help in time and helping others. He likes to share his vision and sees added value in connecting different departments within a company. His ambition for his own future is clear: a job in which he can use his creativity as a front end developer and where he gets room to continue learning and growing. Obviously, he has now found his true passion.