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'I always look at a problem from multiple angles.'

Jorrit Bosma

Available for work

Jorrit is 39 and lives in the beautiful region of Drenthe. He was trained to be a historian, journalist and literary translator, but the past few years he earned his money playing in a heavy metal marching band. He has always been interested in IT, so it’s no surprise he seized the corona crisis in order to change the course of his career. His languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, EJS, MySQL, Mongoose and Express.

A jack-of-all-trades

Jorrit took political meeting minutes for years, wrote pieces for staff magazines and websites and worked on translation assignments. He has also been very active as a language volunteer at Humanitas Foundation and for refugees. One of his showpieces is digital platform Autisme Digitaal, of which he is chairman. The goal of the platform is to develop accessible websites and presentations about autism for everyone. This says everything about Jorrit: he wants to work on things significant.

Wanting to understand everything

Jorrit is a highly analytical person. He wants to understand everything. He’s not afraid to speak his mind when he sees that something is not going well. He also values honesty and loyalty in others. Jorrit is a hard worker who thrives when he can contribute to projects that make the world a better place. He is a firm believer in making clear agreements. He thinks of a web developer as someone who can be critical of solutions and does more than just the implementation. To stay sharp, he plans on following more courses after the bootcamp.