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'My drive is something I can always draw from.'

Jon Hogendorp

Works at CodeGorilla

Jon is 26 years old and lives in Groningen. He is creative, athletic and optimistic. His creativity really flourished when attending art school. There he became interested in web design and programming. The ability to try a lot and internalize it makes him a flexible force. His languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Passionate and reliable

Jon is good at pushing himself to go for it every day. He is disciplined and not afraid to work hard. You can count on him. On the other hand, he is always in for a joke and he believes humour is a very important aspect of working together. It contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and better mutual communication.

Looking for a challenge

Jon enjoys discovering new techniques and new ways of working, which is exactly what his study was all about: trying a lot and making it your own. His background as a designer and the code bootcamp make a nice combination of technical knowledge and creativity. He prefers front end development, but the link with back end is fun and challenging to him. He can't wait to work on great projects. Although he is learning a lot these months, working for a company will teach him all the tricks of the trade.