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'I want to make myself indispensable and really add something to the company.'

Berthil Bos

Works at Lovaleng

Berthil is 33 and lives in Groningen. He studied history and is still interested in that, along with American and Dutch politics. He has been working in IT for some time. He had a part time job at a large customer experience company, where he was a technical customer service employee. He then worked his way up to being supervisor and coach of a team of call center employees. His languages: PHP, MySQL and Laravel.

Switches easily

Berthil describes himself as a go-getter, given the fact that, even though he did not complete college, he still takes initiative and has the persistence to make things his own. This trait comes in handy in the rapidly changing world of IT. He also breaks the stereotype that IT people have little socio-empathetic capacity. He has a good sense of knowing when someone doesn’t feel well and he always tries to do something about it. A real team player, so to speak, who has learned to ask for help when he needs it.

Adding value

Berthil thinks of his career in IT as the ultimate opportunity to evolve, as a person and as a developer. As his future employer, you can count on 100% commitment, dedication and the desire to make himself indispensable and actually add something to the company.