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Programming is more inspiring than my previous job, because you can see the true result.

Bernard Bondin

Works at Lovaleng

Bernard is 31 and has only been living in Groningen for two years. Originally, he’s from Malta, and he wanted to do something different. He specialized in electrical engineering in his home country and was working there as a senior electrical engineer. When the CodeGorilla bootcamp came along, he knew he wanted to do that. Currently he is improving his Dutch and working on his front end and back end development skills. Eventually, he’d like to work as a full stack developer. His languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Laravel.

A technical explorer

His career in Malta went smoothly. For example, Bernard managed a 21-person team and was responsible for continuously improving processes at a semiconductor company and improving and working on semiconductor components. He also managed an online store, where he was introduced to social media and WordPress management. Despite that, he wanted to go abroad and do something different. That's how he ended up at CodeGorilla. He is proud he took that leap of faith.

Experienced and eager to learn

Bernard brings a lot of culture into your company: his Maltese background is interesting in itself, he speaks English fluently, knows Italian and French and will soon be able to speak Dutch as well. Because he’s so experienced in working in and leading teams, you can easily put him in a new environment. Previously, he did a lot of creative work, which enabled him to develop an eye for detail. He has also developed his analytical skills by maintaining technical and work processes. In his work as a developer, this can ensure few unnecessary mistakes and a creative perspective.