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Welcome in our jungle.

After four months of bootcamp, your next step is finding your dream job in IT. This doesn’t mean that we forget all about you, though! The CodeGorilla Community is a community for life. Because you’ve gone through so much together, you might like to to stay in touch with your fellow students and to keep learning from one another in the future. We consider it our mission to facilitate that to the best of our ability.

That’s why we organize a (online) get-together every three months, so that former bootcampers can chat about what they’ve experienced so far.

Everybody is talented

Everybody has a gift of some sort. The trick is to discover that talent and to foster the right conditions, space and time for someone to grow their talent. Besides that, we believe that qualities like perseverance, wanting to improve and not giving up can get you pretty far too. Founder Diem Do tells you all about her view on talent, the labour market and creating and seizing opportunities.

Meet the CodeGorillas

Want to get to know our budding web builders, coding crew and graduated gorillas?
We’d love to introduce them to you!

Junior Webdevelopers (available for work)

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Junior Webdevelopers (alumni)

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Have you become enthusiastic?

Does our mission appeal to you and do you want to work together? Or are you currently looking for a job and do you aspire to a job as a programmer? Read more about how we work.


Another bootcamp completed

A new batch of CodeGorillas has emerged! In Groningen, 24 enthusiastic participants started basecamp at the end of 2020.

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Once in every while we send updates on special achievements, like when a new bootcamp has started. We also love to share how many people we already helped with finding a job in IT and what this means for our mission. We keep you posted if you sign up for our newsletter!

Monkeys on a mission

We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far: we helped over 100 people to get a job in IT, we won the FD Young Talent Award (2020), the IGNITE Award (2019) and the Amsterdam TEDx Women of the Year Startup Award (2018). And we’re just getting started.