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Wanna learn how to code?

At CodeGorilla, we teach you the basics of full stack development in just four months. This way, you'll find a job fast, where you can then specialize in either front end or back end development. Sign up for the free orientation and find out if it's for you!

✓ Education from professionals in IT
✓ Soft skill trainings (e.g. applying for a job) included
✓ Join the community of fellow programmers
✓ Jobcoaches to help you find a job
✓ More than 90% finds a job instantly
✓ Your background isn't important, motivation is
✓ In most cases, participating is free for you

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    Sign up

    Sign up for the free orientation by filling out the form below. We will invite you and tell you everything you need to know about the bootcamp. Also, you can ask us anything.

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    Are you gonna do this? Great! You first step will be online basecamp, which takes about 1 month to complete. During basecamp, you concentrate on the basics of front end development, with help from a technical coach. You start and end the day with your fellow students.

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    Next is bootcamp! This takes 3 months and is partly online, partly on location in Groningen or Apeldoorn. For a full three months you’ll be working on your back end development skills and personal growth.

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    Let’s get to work!

    Succeeded in both bootcamps? Congrats. Now you start applying for jobs, supported by our job coaches. The sooner you find a job, the sooner you can start growing and aim for the stars!

Melvin Boelens
‘To me, programming is the perfect combination of logic and creativity.’

Any questions?

There's no such thing as wrong questions. Are you in doubt whether this is something for you? Take look at our Frequently Asked Questions or ask us your question through the contact form.

Practical information

To participate in our bootcamps, you must know (a little) Dutch and English, have a laptop (and a quiet workspace) and be able to travel to Groningen or Apeldoorn. You also need to be available full time for the duration of the bootcamps (four months in total). We offer you training and coaching; in return, we ask you to give everything and be motivated to find a job and start a new career!

Sign up form

Are you thrilled? Sign up for the free, non-binding orientation. After that, you can start the bootcamp well informed!

  • Location in Groningen
  • Free orientation