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Are you the next CodeGorilla?

Developing your IT skills is our core business. But we also pay attention to your soft skills and personal growth to make sure you’re well prepared when you start applying. We even help you do that. All we ask from you is some good old persistence and the will to take matters into your own hands. Does this mean you’re on your own? Not at all. Our coaches support you day and night and with a little help from your fellow students, you can get the most out of yourself.

  • Learning how to program

  • Developing yourself

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    Duration: 1 month (online) During the first phase, you concentrate on the basics of front end development, with help from a technical coach. You start and end the day with your fellow students.

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    Duration: 3 months (partly online, partly on location) Next is bootcamp! For three full months you’ll be working on your back end developing skills and personal growth.

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    Let’s get to work!

    Of course you can’t wait to put everything you learned into practice. You’ll start applying for jobs you think are interesting, and we help you with it.

Melvin Boelens
‘To me, programming is the perfect combination of logic and creativity.’

What will you learn?

Meet our alumni

They passed the Bootcamp, developed a passion for programming and are possibly the most motivated developers you have ever seen. They are now looking for a job as a developer or have already started at their new workplace: we proudly present our CodeGorillas!

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  • Learning how to program
  • Developing yourself