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Another bootcamp completed

A new batch of CodeGorillas has emerged! In Groningen, 24 enthusiastic participants started basecamp at the end of 2020.

Diem Do

1 years ago

During the past few months, they learned the basics of web development. Now they can call themselves true Junior Web Developers! They also worked on their so called soft skills: skills needed to successfully start at their new employer. They’re dying to start their new careers, so right now they’re busy applying for jobs in IT. We can’t wait to see them take off to their new offices! 

More women at CodeGorilla 

As soon as a group of Gorillas takes off, there’s room for new, motivated participants. The bootcamp has just started again and we’re happy to announce that more and more women are part of the class! IT is for everyone. This brings us closer to a sector that actually represents society. 


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