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Bootcamp Practical intel

When is bootcamp for you?
It’s for you if you’re ready for a new step. No matter what education or background you have, you can be a CodeGorilla! Are you ready for a career in IT? 

During the training, you will get support from our coaches. It’s possible you run into personal or technical challenges. Don’t despair: together we’ll find a way to solve it. Just let your (tech) coach know.

Bernard Bondin
Programming is more inspiring than my previous job, because you can see the true result.

About bootcamp

In Basecamp, we concentrate on front end development. In Bootcamp, you use techniques from Basecamp, combined with back end development. You learn how to build a complete application or website.

You get to learn the full package: both front end and back end development, because then you truly understand all aspects of web development.

After finishing Bootcamp, you’re ready to look for a job as a Junior Developer!

Thrilled as we are?

Is our mission appealing and do you want to start working together? Even if you have any questions, for example about the support we give, we are happy to meet you. Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.