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For new developers.

An inclusive labour market and creating more jobs in IT: that’s what CodeGorilla aims for.
We accomplish that by organizing coding bootcamps for motivated people without a job. We teach them the basics of code and then match them with companies we cooperate with.

For participants

In a safe and open environment, you’ll learn the basics of coding, so that you can work as a developer. You’ll also be working on your presentation and job application skills with our trainers. Our community of students and tutors provides you all the support you need, for you to grow your chances of getting a job.

For companies

Does your company want to make an impact on society and is your team craving for fresh and committed IT professionals? We invite you to join our mission to make the IT sector more inclusive. Allowing these talents their shot at success will not only help diversify the Dutch workforce, but also help your business thrive in a flourishing marketplace.


Another bootcamp completed

A new batch of CodeGorillas has emerged! In Groningen, 24 enthusiastic participants started basecamp at the end of 2020.

How it started

Founder Diem Do grew up in an area with high unemployment rates. While studying, she suddenly found her interests shifting towards a different professional perspective. Because she’d already started her last year, she decided to apply for a job in her original line of work anyway. But nothing came up. ‘I was always interested in IT, but it didn’t feel like I could start a career in that sector. My background wasn’t relevant at all and I never stood out in math class.